Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tix•R•Us wishes you a happy holiday

Tix•R•Us wishes to wish you a happy holiday in a very personal way. Colleen Dick and son Connor Dick's recording of Debussy's Primier Rhapsody for clarinet and piano is yours for the downloading. It's not schlocky holiday music. We figured you probably have enough of that. The online Free Dictionary defines the musical rhapsody form as an irregular form incorporating improvisation. Debussy's Rhapsody certainly fills the bill--it moves from typical Debussy soft and dreamy to playful stacatto with a little game of tag between the clarinet and piano. Connor is a 22 year old clarinet performance major at the University of Oregon, and Colleen has logged years as an accompanist since seventh grade. (We aren't even going to say how many years that is.) Thanks for letting us share our own music with you. Enjoy it at the holidays or any time.

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