Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Calendar Widget from Yourminis

This is the proof of concept calendar widget provided by yourminis.com that I made on The Tix•R•Us Presenters' Network. This is several shades of geeky cool. For one thing it is powered by the calendar Feed from little old Tix•R•Us / Wazzup Local. What does that mean? It means you can create the quirkiest, fine-tuned, custom search imaginable of the Tix•R•Us / Wazzup Local events database. If you like only Punk or Gospel outdoor events on Thursdays within a 6 mile radius of your farmhouse in Shedd, Oregon that cost less than $10, you can create that search filter. In essence, it creates a custom calendar feed just for you. You then take that URL and feed it to the calendar widget. You can have the calendar in any color you like, so you can stop complaining about my icky orange color scheme. Then you can suck out the calendar code and paste it anywhere there's Flash. Here's another minor coolness: you can post the widget to your Blogger blog or a number of other well-known blogs right from inside the widget. I didn't even have to copy/paste to get this calendar in here. How cool and Web 2.0 is that? I am having altogether too much fun. This is the web as it should be. OK, to WORK.

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