Monday, December 3, 2007

Our E-tailing neighbors

As I mentioned in our high tech after hours posting, Tix•R•Us belongs to a local group of e-tailers. At one of our meetings someone suggested that we should cross promote by linking to each other. My own philosophy and experience about recriprocal linking suggested a guarded approach to this idea. I would like to help my neighbors but I don't want to annoy my visitors with a bunch of links that are not related. Neither do I want to have a "link whore" page tucked somewhere in the bowels of my site that no human ever really visits. That is frowned on by the SEO powers anyway. Each e-tailer in our group has a very tightly defined niche market, and it would be difficult to fabricate an organic tie-in with most of them. However, we all share a passion for our community. So we put together an aggregate page that lists each etailer's Quickie Elevator Pitch and their logo. Since I made the page, I had it in reverse alphabetical order. Wazzup Local is always near the bottom in traditional alphabetical order, and Tix•R•Us being a T company, always gets lost after the "The's". Hey I should get something for doing the page! There is talk about jazzing it up and you can speculate on the time frame for that. Anyway the page exists, and that's what I wanted. I have community type links down the lefthand side of the Wazzup Local home page. I used a small version of the Heart of Innovation Poster as the icon to represent my neighbors. If you'd like to see who my neighbors are, click the icon.

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