Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 Tix-Comix is a new webcomic to hit the scenes.  It was launched not with a bang, but with kind of a stifled whimper, at some unspecified time this past summer 2010.  

Tix-Comix is the brainchild of Colleen Dick, who used to draw her silly little doodles at Toonlet.com,  but who couldn't continue without complete artistic control.  We were lucky enough to catch Colleen one day when she wasn't too busy grilling sacred cow burgers from her most recent exploit.   She graciously granted us a quick interview. We strongly suspect she really hasn't got much to say. 

TRU:  Colleen, what ever gave you the idea that you could be a cartoonist?

CD:  Well, basically I suck at pretty much everything.  So I figured hey, I can suck at drawing and at least make people laugh.  At least some of them.  At least some of the time.  Well, maybe.

TRU:  What are your toons about, Colleen?

CD:  I would call them semi-autobiographical.  Stuff that has happened to a bizarre eclectic group of characters, mixed with a healthy dose of fiction.  All the fiction, ummm.... you know, it could have happened. 

TRU:  Who are your toons especially aimed at?

CD:  (Laughs)  well, unfortunately I seem to have cornered the market for people who don't read webcomics.  Yeah, that's who it's aimed at.  Those are my people.  Not your typical 20 somethings. 

TRU:  So how do you make your comics?  Surely a web geek such as you must have some automatic process. 

CD:  No, drawing toons that pass muster with me just doesn't scale.  I just draw it on paper, scan it and clean it up in GIMP.  It's not a very interesting process, really.  

TRU:  What is your favorite toon you've done so far?

CD:  The one where Tix's best friend gets biceps from her boxing workout.  OK, now, if you'll excuse me, I sense a large fake sacred cow coming from the southeast.  I have to go vanquish it now. 

TRU:  OK,  Well, thanks a lot. 

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