Monday, May 19, 2008

New Entrecard Features

Entrecard made a major improvement today. Now you can have multiple blogs in the same account.
Each one has its own credits, but you can transfer credits easily from one to the other. They have also made multiple smaller improvements to the site, such as letting you choose between view profile and go straight to site. They also have added a RSS feed for your top droppers.

This is good news for me, and the timing is also good, as I'm in the process of decommissioning this blogger blog and factoring it into more targetted focused blogs.

Entrecard also have just published an Ebook that explains their service including these new changes.

After being in Entrecard for about a month what do I think? I think it generates a tremendous high bounce rate while inflating your visitors statistics. Most people just drop and run, and I'm sure that there's an auto dropping script that people won't publically admit to using. However if you take time to smell the roses you find some interesting blogs in among all the crappy ones and you might get a few subscribers.

What more does entrecard need? A ban list and an expand the top droppers.
The ban list would just flag that blog and remove it from my automatic list of tops if it was there.. After visiting a particular blog I decide I really hate it and never want to drop on it or see it again, let alone advertise on it. If I try to it says you have banned "Charlie's Crap Blog" Do you wish to unban it now? and if you did it would not be banned any more. Your drop list could go through and automatically open 10 blogs at a time, and it would also keep track of where you are.


hw said...

yea entrecard, I'm already tired with only 200 cards a day and when we can add one more blog, we can drop 600 cards a day, I'll be sittin in front of computer whole day only for drop cards ,no wayy..

Tix•R•Us said...

If you want to drop that many cards, get bookmarks save them in folders with about 8 each, open all in tabs with images off.

Powerdroppers can do all 300 cards in about 20 mins that way.

I'm not a powerdropper. I don't really care that much.