Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Be nice to your System Admin

My plans to post a Geeky Goodness series have been seriously derailed by..... well, let's just call it a "situation." I have no desire to rant on about how horribly I've been treated, or how the whole situation is so incredibly stupid that if it hadn't f**cked[FOOTNOTE] me royally it would be hilarious. I know you don't care.

Meanwhile ..... I have no desire to turn my blog into one of those collections of other people's youtube videos that's otherwise content free. But once in a while among all the crap on youtube I find a well done vid that makes a clear point. I enjoyed this vid and thought you might too. I found it on AsktheAdmin. Of course he didn't create it either, but I like his sense of humor.

[FOOTNOTE]If you read my blog regularly you know that I rarely use vulgar language or obvious censored versions of it. When overused, vulgar language becomes a form of hyperbole that impedes communication. But sometimes there is no other word. When I use it I mean it.

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