Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Type of personality are you?

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Well there I am, summarized for all the world to see into a neat little bar graph. If you want to see how you stack up, go ahead and click the widget. It will take you to where you can take the test yourself. It's fun, fast and free and you'll get a nice little widget souvenir like mine for your own blog.

I have taken these things before, including the full Myers-Briggs (which is way bigger, way more official, and 4 choice questions, and not free, I'm sure, though I never had to pay for it. The results are always the same. I am in a tiny minority -- the Introverted Intuitive Thinker Perceiver. This is what the site says about us:

"INTPs are logical, individualistic, reserved, and very curious individuals. They focus on ideas, theories and the explanation of how things work. They are especially adept at discussions and debate. They have the ability to focus intently on a subject. They appreciate and respect intelligence in others."

I was told once that INTP's are only about 3% of the population. This site says that 4% of males and 1% of females fall into this square on the grid. That makes me a very small minority. I have the same problems as any other minority -- I don't fit into mainstream culture. So can I please have some minority funding? PLEEEEEASE? Right, like that's gonna happen.

Just for fun I added the multiple intelligence tests. Woops I almost said multiple personality. Well big surprise. Music is my top intelligence. And I feel a great need to do more of it.


littleredplanet said...

Hey Mate,
Gotta Luv GEEKS! I'm a sucker for these funky online personality tests. I'll check out this one too. Recently I found out my Superhero Personality was the Green Lantern. Check yours out at

May the Geek inherit the Earth,

little red planet

Tix•R•Us said...

Some of the online test suites are either too obvious, or just really slanted. This one is not bad.