Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Social Bookmarking

This is a really nice video explanation of social bookmarking. We have a bookmarking icon on our info pages currently, but look for a much cooler new bookmarking panel in Wazzup Local and Tix•R•Us in a version coming soon to a browser near you. Event presenters can use social bookmarks to get more publicity (FREE) for their events. Fans can help their favorite performers by social bookmarking the Tix•R•Us information page about it. Tix•R•Us has done its part by making the links much more search engine friendly. Instead of the old search-engine-unfriendly format our links are now of the "friendly" format. If your event is "Rusty Muggers plays at the Old Grungepub" instead of being eventinfo.php?linkid=5424 the link is now eventinfo/rusty-muggers-plays-at-the-old-grungepub-5424.
Search engines eat up URL's with key words in them. Suppose six people bookmark it. That's six more links. Suppose each of them has six friends. Furthermore, in addition to there are 50 other social bookmark sites in our panel. Of course no one but a freak would do them all, but a lot of people do two or three. Are you beginning to get the idea of the exponential potential for this technology? Of course the potential exists to spam these guys, so just one word: DON'T!

The new Tix•R•Us bookmarking panel is not yet available, but when it is, if anyone wants to know how it works, it's powered by script.acu.lous and it's Tix•R•Us' first adventure with this amazing package. You don't need the panel to bookmark; the panel just helps you do it more and faster. Please don't just sit there! Go out and power book mark! It both organizes your bookmarks in ways that make sense to you, allows your friends to multiply your efficiency, and helps the bookmarkees as well. That's a triple win!!

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