Friday, February 8, 2008

Subversion saved my derrierre

Man oh man do I ever feel like I got run over by a truck and lived to tell about it. I guess this is part geek blog, part personal, and part Tix•R•Us I won't bore you with the gory details but suffice it to say MAJOR server crash requiring a rebuild. That alone is fairly traumatic, but I've survived it before thanks to good backups. This time... well let's just say some stuff, OK a LOT of stuff, got blown away for all time that shouldn't have. The feeling you get from something so utterly devastating is beyond despair. I honestly felt like blowing the whole server up and retiring to a life of taking pottery classes. But I saw one of my favorite clients, Tina Green of the LaSells center, that night, and even though Tix•R•Us was temporarily unable to produce a seating chart for that night's event, Tina still had a smile and encouraging words. So I managed to smile too and buckled down to picking up the pieces after being treated by my daughter Jean, a Corvallis OSU Symphony member, to a program of Barber, Chopin and Sibelius featuring pianist Roberto Plano on the Chopin. While listening to Plano executing flawless runs, it brought me back to why I am in this business in the first place, and I emerged from the concert, once again my happy hopeful and determined self. Indeed, Tix•R•Us was back in business in relatively short order, thanks to Subversion Subversion may be my favorite open source software package of all time. I was able to check out a new copy of the Tix•R•Us web app from my handy dandy subversion repository and whip up a configuration in pretty short order, all things considered. Tix•R•Us got the upgrade a little before I had planned but I'll make it work. It was almost ready. And after all, that whole disaster was just zeroes and ones.

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