Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Makeover

My ex-business partner Deb Weitzman was of the opinion that I needed a flashier image, since both front and back operations for Tix•R•Us are now me. And what woman doesn't want to look her best? Given our commitment to shop local wherever we can, we selected some new shoes, a couple of tops, and some really excellent jeans from Shoetini's in Corvallis. The people there are friendly and great and they will even hem your pants for you, a service which I nearly always need. As an aside, they are also e-tailing neighbors (see my etailing neighbors post.) I also really like their website. They are very smart powering it with OSCommerce, and they did a great job customizing it. OSCommerce is free ecommerce software, so you know you're not paying high markup for some overpriced website that spins and flashes but is otherwise useless. Argh.... it's very easy for me to digress onto business or webby stuff, but this post is supposed to be about my makeover.

OK, back on track... We continued by updating a few wardrobe basics -- a classy trenchcoat will take care of most Oregon chill just fine; a black cowl-neck sweater that fits well is just pure understated elegance, and the black and white short jacket is just right. We were surprisingly unsuccessful at locating any suitable khaki slacks but that will just give me an excuse to go shopping again. I got my first ever eyebrow waxing and it wasn't nearly as painful as they portrayed it on The 40-year old Virgin. Georgia Kahl at Studio 953 in Albany completed the makeover with a haircut to die for. Obviously this salon is highly thought of when they don't even need to create a website. Their customers rave about them in review sites all over the web and that's better marketing than they could ever do themselves. They are not cheap, but a good hairdo is like good quality clothing -- worth every penny. Just google Studio 953 and you'll see what I mean. The link I provided was just a link to their location.

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