Sunday, November 11, 2007

Buyout Fever

Tix•R•Us is undergoing some big changes.

Buyout: Colleen Dick bought out 100% of (ex) partner Deb Weitzman's interest in the company for an undisclosed sum on 9 Nov. 2007.

Investment: Tix•R•Us has secured some F 'n' F investment. 'bout time. Some folks can just throw out some half thought-out Web 2.0 scheme and wham! they are instantly funded for several million. I guess cuz they know the right people or live in a place where there's altogether too much money flying around. Here in good ol' tightfisted Midwest-transported-to-the-West-Coast Oregon we have to have it a lot further along for a lot less $, but on the plus side, money buys more here.

Documentation: Tix•R•Us had been getting by on contextual help blurbs for documentation. This is useful if you're stuck on some specific feature, but it kind of obscures the forest for the trees. We needed some coherent documentation to provide an overview and a quick-start guide for administrators. At Tix•R•Us we practice what we preach about doing business locally. Tix•R•Us has engaged local technical writing company Wordsworth and More to create both PDF downloadable and web documentation. Look for it on the website soon.

Service Change: Tix•R•Us will no longer offer printing services for old style centralized tickets. We have changed this service to a fee-based service where you can generate a request. These requests will be queued and will result in a PDF file of the ticket set that you order being emailed to you. The reasoning is this: Tix•R•Us is probably more efficient than you are at pulling and sorting ticket data and generating ticket documents. But you are just as good as we are at printing and cutting stock.

Web 2.0: Tix•R•Us will be unveiling Web 2.0 services as we get them implemented. The first one you will see seems small but it's quite significant: On an event page you can add this event to your personal calendar with a button click. We'll be offering instructions how to take advantage of Web 2.0 to leverage your Wazzup•Local / Tix•R•Us

SAO: Tix•R•Us has recently become affiliated with the Software Association of Oregon Corvallis chapter.

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